Can Drugs Help You To Lead A Meaningful Life?


The soul is fire.

fire soul

The soul always reaches upward. The soul wants to transcend.


Like fire, the soul is passionate. It is the source of our greatest strength.


Yet the fire of the soul, like all fire, can be destructive.


The craving for a spiritual high, for transcendence, is healthy.

is helthy

But great care must be taken to ensure that theses spiritual experiences don’t burn you up.

big sun

The difference between having a beautiful spiritual experience and being consumed by a strange fire is your intention and how you access the experience.


Spiritual experiences must be approached with humility, sensitivity, and total presence or they can be destructive.

caring for baby

A true spiritual high is a state of being; it’s not just an experience.

state of being

Drugs (the strange fire) can take you to another dimension, but they cannot open your soul. Like any fire, they can consume you. Drugs yield experiences, meaning something that you feel, but real spiritual transcendence is not an experience.


Real spiritual transcendence doesn’t involve sensation. During real spiritual transcendence, you actually forget that you are experiencing anything at all. You are immersed so fully in the world of spirit that the self who experiences sensation is not even present.


So, no, drugs don’t help a person to live a meaningful life. They can offer otherworldly experiences, but true spirituality is digging your hands in and refining yourself and the world.


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This is an excerpt from: What Is Spirituality?

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