Some masks disguise us. Others disguise our guises. Joy happens when you come face-to-face with your true self.

It is the most intoxicating, miraculous and joyous of days. The story of Purim is dramatic, from a damsel in distress to a tailed queen; from a snake in a barrel to a roped gallows; from a seventy-language-speaking saint to a fork-tongued villain to a ridiculous king – and it’s all documented on a hand-written parchment scroll. Four Mitzvoth, righteous connections, are prescribed to ensure that the joy is tangible, not merely abstract. 1) Listen to the scroll, twice; 2) handout gifts to the needy; 3) deliver food packages to your fellow; 4) feast to a level beyond. On this costumed day, the proof is in the spirits. Download the Purim Guide for more.

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