Counting the Omer

Experience 49 Days of Personal Transformation: The 7 week period between Passover and Shavuot, called Counting the Omer, is a powerful span of time, which empowers us to refine our lives and elevate our souls. The spectrum of human emotions divide into 49 different attributes, each one corresponding to one day in this 49-day period.

Looking for the MyOmer App? Looking for Rabbi Jacobson’s book on Counting the Omer?

To go from narrow-mind confinement to mind-blowing expansion is no easy task. To go from Egypt to Sinai, the person must transform his Egypt mentality into the disposition of Sinai. The person has seven weeks to do so, forty-nine days, from the exodus from Egypt to the receiving of the Torah at Mount Sinai. Every one of the forty-nine days the person works on another attribute, refining, honing, preparing. The person counts his progress until the day – the day when the follower that was becomes the leader that is.

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