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Welcome To The MyLife: Essay Contest 5777/2017



Take The MyLife Challenge: Apply Chassidus And Win $10,000!

The Winners of the MyLife: Chassidus Applied Essay Contest are…

After much anticipation the winners of the MyLife: Essay Contest 2017 have been announced! These essays were chosen by our expert panel of Judges from among hundreds of essay submissions. Every essay was evaluated anonymously by our Judges and held to the rigorous contest criteria. 

The MyLife: Essay Contest invited people of all ages from around the world to submit an original essay applying a concept or idea in Chassidus to solve a contemporary life issue or challenge. Although only a select number of essays could be chosen as winners, all of the hundreds of essays submitted were very impressive and moving. The essays demonstrated how Chassidus provides, even for a secular person, powerful tools for personal transformation and how Chassidus addresses the most fundamental human needs, from the emotional to the psychological and the spiritual.

Congratulations to our winners! We wish all of our contestants much success, and we hope that you take part in next year’s essay contest!

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$10,000 First Place Winner
Moishe Chakoff, 27, Miami, Florida – Topic: Trees & Maps: How to Stop Being a People Pleaser

$3,600 Second Place Winner
Shraga Crombi, 35, Edison, New Jersey – Topic: Chassidus as an Eclectic Psychological Approach (Hebrew). English translation.

$1,000  Third Place Winner
Hadassah Silberstein, 24, Brooklyn, NY – Topic: How to Deal With Difficult People

Bonus $1,000 Fourth Place Winner
Sara Blau, 26, Brooklyn, NY – Topic: ADD – The Key to Productive Living

Top 25 Finalists:

Daniel Feld, Jerusalem, Israel – Humble and Grateful: A Chassidic Path to Happiness

Avrumie Karp, Spring Valley, NY – A Chasidic Approach to Dealing with PTSD

Chony Milecki, Brooklyn, NY – A Different Kind of Success

Esther Rochel Elkaim, Bal Harbour, FL – A Shidduch as Illuminated by the Teachings of Chassidus

Avi Lowell, Jerusalem, Israel – You Are Here

DovBer Oirechman, Lod, Israel – Freedom from Addiction

Avremi Weinberg, Los Angeles, CA – G-d and Pain- How to be Vulnerable and Trust Again

Tonni Shmuckler, Montreal, QC – Dealing with Hate Issues

Chaim Luria, Zhytomyr, Ukraine – Staying Afloat in the Age of Information

Menachem Mendel Wolff, Netania, Israel – The Power of Self-Esteem

Mendy Levitin, Seattle, WA – The Present: The Greatest Gift of All

Amchaye Even-Yisroel, Jerusalem, Israel – Addiction vs. Self Control

Yisroel Yitzchaki, Kfar Chabad, Israel – Overcoming Addiction through Balance

Malky Bitton, Vancouver, BC – Adjusting to Distressing “New Normals”

Shneur Zalman Ives, Brooklyn, NY – The Olympic Theory

Yossi Grossbaum, Folsom, CA – All Fun and No Joy: The Paradox of Life in the Postmodern Era

Bentzi Avtzon, Bala Cynwyd, PA – To Find Meaning One Must Make Meaning

Rochel Cohen, Leeds, UK – Love: The Basis of Torah

Menachem Mendel Schusterman, Peabody, MA –

Mushka Silberberg, Chicago, IL – Wanting Desire

Rivkah Shanowitz, Montreal, QC – How to Kick Bad Habits to the Curb

Rafi Chemel, Toronto, ON  The Dynamics of Happiness

David Lichtenstadter, Brooklyn, NY – Why We Need a Break

No’a Bat Miri, Milford, CT – Committing to Your Purpose in a World of Cheap Substitutes

Gale Levin, New Haven, CT – The Heart of the Matter


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