The Cycle of Forgiveness


Your birth is G-d saying that You Matter, that you have an indispensable contribution to make to the world. Since your contribution is essential, no problem can impede you from achieving60 days ad email_Chaya the purpose for which you were created. G-d gives you the resources to overcome every pain and obstacle, to heal from every hurt or abuse.

The ability to forgive is one of the resources that G-d has given you. But it is up to you to use it. Forgiveness in Hebrew is “mechilah,” which connects to the root of the word “mochul,” meaning a circle. Life is meant to be a circle encompassing all our experiences and relationships in one harmonious, seamless, whole. When someone hurts us the circle is broken. Forgiveness is the way we mend the fracture.

Forgiveness means not merely forgiving the person who hurt us, but forgiving ourselves, forgiving G-d, forgiving even life itself with all its bizarre and often cruel twists and turns.

Forgiveness is letting go and building the confidence necessary to experience healthy and positive growth. It is declaring that you will no longer remain locked in the past as a victim of circumstances; that you will no longer perpetuate negative life-patterns through blame and anger; that you will instead access the strength and love that G-d gives you day by day, moment by moment in order to fulfill the unique and singular purpose for which you and only you were created.

Forgiveness requires work. But, most importantly, it requires a connection to G-d, the Giver of life. When you remember that your birth is G-d’s way of saying You Matter, that you are vital and important, irreplaceable and essential to the perfection of G-d’s world, then you can rise above the pain others have caused you and find the love and strength to forgive both them and yourself.

When you forgive, the circle is again complete and you find yourself encompassed by the whole of G-d’s creation and feel yourself to be an integral part. When you forgive, you have taken control of your life, rather than being a victim of it.

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Margie Nelsen
14 years ago


7 years ago
gata loca
7 years ago

been married 28 years he is a great dad but when he drinks he goes out and flirts then his excuse is im not having sex we all work together then go out for drinks and dance. I’ve received pictures of him and he hangs out with females and males but when I try to question him he dont want to talk about he says we joke flirt and drink with male friends involve .. but i was sent pictures of him dancing nasty with women and he gets so drunk he dont remember til I show him pics he spends money buying beers for his so call coworkers..I just want him to go out and just respect me …

gata loca
7 years ago

he never invite me out ohh im just hanging with coworkers so why can’t I hang out hevtells me because the way we drink and talk and how friendly they are ill get upset bullshit u have nothing to hide take me with u but he swore on his dad that’s about to die he is in hospice..he said i swear on my dad i dont sleep with them but yet he doesn’t even tell me there’s girls involved he says hanging with the guys and our female friends pop up …but he dont come home and tell me who he was with but I see pics on Facebook

gata loca
7 years ago

my question is how can I trust him i dont at all …im so tired of men saying I was drunk ..he keeps saying he luvs me but why go out get drunk and dance and flirt.

Amrit digant
7 years ago

Been in a similar situation where the significant other would go out of the emotional nest to date others, on asking I would get answers like “There is nothing like that” , “He is just a friend” etc .

Turns out those just a friends were never a friend but were full blown affairs , I don’t yet know the extent and numbers of such “Only friends” but I have discovered one very significant thing, that is, once you compromise on your standards then you have noone to blame except yourself for being abused.

Expecting a liar to come out clean to give you a closure is never going to work, as the liar knows that you want to know the truth to decide whether to stay or move on ,until they tell you, you keep giving them benefit of doubt.

So they won’t give you anything which might go against them and that way they keep you as a pet ,who, they know is loyal , loving and there for them always.

The only way to solve this vicious circle is to accept that there are weired people with weired mind too as there are good people with good intention.

Realize your self worth ,you dont have to endure the pain of being taken for granted, being a second option, being degraded to a level of underdog.

Forgive them and close that connection ,you too have only one life to live and you have been given the power to decide it, use it.

God bless.

Personal Loan Bangalore
7 years ago

Nice article, thanks for sharing

Mithila Vaidya
7 years ago

I particularly liked the para where you say, “When you remember that your birth is G-d’s way of saying You Matter, that you are vital and important, irreplaceable and essential to the perfection of G-d’s world, then you can rise above the pain others have caused you and find the love and strength to forgive both them and yourself”. … Very inspiring …

Sometimes I feel my purpose is to fight for justice, to set right some miscreants ….. looks like I have been doing a decent job too .. yes it takes a toll on me … bt still ….

btw, y don’t you refer to G-d as GOD ??

6 years ago

Thank you! 🙂 x

Ngety zwane
6 years ago

How do I forgive and stay in the same environment..

Bharat Prajapati
6 years ago
6 years ago

My aunt has caused a lot of problems in my family and my grandparents had a lot to do with it but my parents forgive them but my dad won’t allow them in our home but my mom wants to move on but my dad won’t budge. Any advice?

Medea Basseka
4 years ago
Reply to  Rose

You all can forgive them without allowing them back into your lives. Forgiveness is for you. However, you have to make a choice whenever you will let them back in

6 years ago

Life is all about forgiveness. If you are forgiving, you are near to God.

6 years ago


Joseph Kihumuro
6 years ago

This would be an inspiring article really- but why not write God very well? Why hide the name of the Almighty? Is it for any purpose? Not good to compromise God’s name. Otherwise, keep writing.

Dylan Dynes
5 years ago

Really? y’all forgiving now?

4 years ago

what is G-D?

4 years ago

what does g-d mean?

Bee R
3 years ago
Reply to  SPHA

G-D refers to God

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