Your Daily Life Is Everything


Life becomes mundane too easily — eating, sleeping, going to work, commuting, paying bills, watching TV or surfing the Web, carpooling children to activities, doing household chores. It becomes mundane so easily that it takes a genuine effort to make each day mean more than completing a set of tasks. The daily grind itself can be so exhausting that the thought of adding anything new into the mix is scary. Yet, using what you have — the activities of day-to-day life — you can spark an inspiration revolution for yourself. Your daily life — especially the mundane parts — holds the keys to living a more meaningful life.

1. 30-Second Affirmation When You Wake Up

waking up

As soon as you open your eyes and sit up in bed in the morning, say this affirmation: Today is a new day. I have a mission in the world that only I can accomplish.

2. Use Your Morning Coffee To Connect To Your Soul

morning coffee

Allow your thirst for coffee to remind you that you also have a thirst for knowledge, personal growth, truth, and purpose in life. Your morning cup of coffee can be a reminder that your soul is also thirsty.

3. Turn Your Commute Into An Opportunity To Break Habits


When you feel stuck, you have to find ways to jolt yourself out of that rut. Train your mind to think differently than it has become wired by using your commute as a mental workout. Alternate driving different routes, or make a point of noticing new facets of the scenery you pass while commuting. It will build mind-muscle-memory.

4. Turn Work Into Meaningful Work With This Affirmation


Integrate and elevate your soul and your workday. This affirmation is helpful when you feel stress or internal discord at work. When you get settled in your work area, say to yourself: My soul is my center. My work extends from my center.

5. Unite Body And Soul With Your After-Work Workout

after work workout

When you exercise and feel re-energized, realize that you have just re-energized a precious piece of Divine property. Realize that you are investing in a valuable commodity. But also remember that the health of your body is dependent on the health of your soul. And it is your responsibility to nourish them both. Uniting body and soul will show you intuitively how to live a meaningful life.

6. Meal Time = Meaningful Time

eating dinner

Mealtime with family and friends is an opportunity to discuss the big issues of life. It’s the perfect moment to share challenges and aspirations. Eating alone? Sit quietly while you eat and think about what truly matters.

7. Use Chores To Bring Heaven Down To Earth


Chores are an opportunity to sanctify your space. While cleaning and doing laundry, focus not on the drudgery of the work but on the gift you are giving yourself — the gift of a living space where your soul can feel at ease.

8. Go To Sleep In A Meaningful Way

sleep and dream in a meaningful way

When you go to sleep in a more pure and spiritual way, you wake up in a more pure and spiritual way. The last moments before sleep are very powerful. Take those moments for yourself: Think about the day, and evaluate what you did that was good and what you did that could use improvement. Then meditate on the idea that there is a unifying force in the world that is much greater than any of us.  You could also do some spiritual reading before you fall asleep.


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8 years ago

Beautifully written. I have a question. Is this also for someone feeling so alone, not having friends, no one to talk to ?

8 years ago

Great article!

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