Definite Proof


A disciple of Rabbi Israel of Ruzhin once passed through the town of Premishlan and availed himself of the opportunity to visit the Chassidic master, Rabbi Meir Premishlaner. Upon hearing that the visitor was a chassid of the great Rebbe of Ruzhin, Rabbi Meir received him with honor and reverence.

Upon their parting, Rabbi Meir said: “Tell your Rebbe that I have definite proof that I am greater than he. I have discovered that my blessings are far more effective than his.”

The chassid was quite taken aback to hear these words, especially from the mouth of Rabbi Meir, whose humility was legendary. Noticing his visitor’s confusion, Rabbi Meir smiled and explained:

“The last time we met, your Rebbe blessed me that I should merit to advance in the service of the Almighty, and I returned the blessing. My blessing has been most effective—the holy Rabbi Israel grows daily in saintliness and piety—while his blessing has produced scant results…”


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