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Here is an obvious truism that most of us simply do not live up to:  If you want change in your life, you need to change something. Every person, at times (or perhaps quite often) wants to change an aspect of their lives — a habit, an attitude, a relationship, a job, a location. And yet, what do we do to create that change? Usually nothing. You may want change, but you are stuck in the inertia of your status quo, the comfort zone of your conventions and routines.

The rule is (especially emphasized in the healing community): Nothing changes if nothing changes. This is Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity: Doing the same things over and over but expecting different results. With no malice intended, apparently there a lot of insane people out there.

Insane Measures for Insane Times

If you want change and growth, if you are seeking any movement and freedom from your current state – you must shift your life into new arenas. Such a shift takes transcending your comfort zone — going a smidgen (or more) “out there”. When you are behaving insanely and expecting different results from similar behavior, you need to do something… insane. You need to counter insanity with insanity and do something crazy; Shake things up and  and create actual change in your life! Crazy, no?

“Crazy” has negative connotations, but deserves a second look: A shift in consciousness opens up new channels. A bit of wildness opens you up to the unexpected. This is why:

The Supra-Conscious Mind is Endless

Kabbalah maps out the mind as consisting of two general dimensions: The conscious mind, which we are aware of, and the supra-conscious mind, where conscious ideas originate from. The conscious mind processes ideas in three stages: first the conception of an idea (chochma), then its development (binah), finally its resonating conclusion (daat). The original conception and “birth” of every idea originates from the supra-conscious state called hidden wisdom (chochma sti’ma’ah). This hidden state – comparable to what is known as the collective unconscious – is like a reservoir of water, a quantum-like state which contains the potential, and has the power to generate, an infinite amount of wisdom (ideas).

The cognitive process, thus, works likes this: The supra-conscious mind releases, drop by drop, ideas into the conscious mind. An idea, therefore, feels like a flash – a mere spark released from a larger source. Your conscious mind feels as though the idea came from nowhere – from “thin air.” In truth, it is being released from a vast body of supra-conscious wisdom that contains an endless potential of ideas, allowing you mere drops from its wide ocean.

Remove the Filter — a Little

In between the supra-conscious “reservoir” and the “conscious” thoughts a “valve-like” force – a type of filter – regulates the flow from the unlimited source to the limited containers, allowing the ideas to be contained by the conscious mind. Should the “faucet” break down and stop controlling the flow of thoughts from the unconscious to the conscious, the conscious mind would become flooded to the point of madness. Which explains the thin line between madness and genius: Genius is a “valve” open to capacity, allowing in a steady flow of imagination, bordering on the edge of being flooded. Should the flow intensify just a bit more, the mind could go mad, overwhelmed by the deluge of ideas as they come pouring into the conscious mind without allowing then a chance to be absorbed and compartmentalized.

Now we can understand the power of doing something a little “crazy” and “insane”: When you want to create change in your life and you feel stuck, one way to break out of your routine is to push the boundaries of your consciousness and force yourself to do something “crazy” — something beyond your usual capacity. This opens up a bit more the “valve” between your conventional perceptions and your supra-conscious possibilities, allowing in new energy and opportunities.

Travel Within

When you access the true inner nature of your psyche you learn that the common (conscious) mind touches only outer dimensions of the reality within, and when you travel inward you uncover new vistas, which when tapped, allow you to transform the irrational into the supra-rational, your stubborn foolishness into outrageous holiness, the energy of your insane behaviors re-channeled into streams of insane goodness — and the craziness of your impulsive life into a holy craziness of utter transcendence. 

Through prayer, meditation, and going outside your comfort zone to grow and learn new things, you can “go crazy” in a way that transforms you for the good — without driving you mad.

Exercise: Stop what you are doing, and give yourself the opportunity to experience your supra-conscious mind. Unplug for a while; step away from sensory stimulation. Pay attention to the intuitive thoughts that arise. Channel them into goodness.  Journal about it in your MyMLC journal.

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5 years ago

Hi when you suggest writing in MyMLC Journal
what/where is this? You offer a journal to write in?
Linda Kogin

michele bisnott
5 years ago

Excellently written!!!!!!!!!!

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