Four Things to Do When Therapy Isn’t Working


Sometimes therapy is helpful (especially for survivors of abuse and other traumas, and for people who have serious long-term mental health issues) but there are times when people reach the point of “analysis paralysis”. What can you do when you’re paying a therapist to have the same conversation with you over and over, and you feel like you’re not making progress?

Think Differently

You can’t shoot a camera at night. In order to take a picture in the dark, you must use a flash — you must introduce new light to dispel darkness. If your previous ways of solving your problems are not working, and if your therapist’s methodology is not helping you, you need a third option. Bring in fresh air. Consult another professional. Pursue a new line of thought. Explore multiple new ways of thinking. Widen your horizons. It doesn’t matter if they are wrong or don’t solve your problem immediately — they will open you up to new solutions. The last thing you want to do is get stuck in the inertia of past patterns.

Beyond Therapy

Although therapy has many proven benefits, and some modes of therapy focus on finding and healing the roots of psychological problems, sometimes therapy alone is not enough in treating a problem. This is often true for people who struggle with addictions or suffer from other clinical, emotional, or chemical issues. In addition to therapy they may need medical intervention and/or a 12-step approach. In addition, we must always remember the power of faith and trust in a Higher Power, which goes beyond and complements human interventions. Obviously, always consult with health professionals before making any decisions.

Take Action

Do what you resist or are afraid of doing. Do just a fraction of it. Take one step in the direction of a break through. Do anything to jar yourself out of your slump. Try acting, then thinking.

Pursue and Practice Joy

Joy is the most transcendent emotional experience. When you are stuck in analysis paralysis, seek transcendence. The fastest track to transcendence is joy. Joy connects you to a Higher Power. Joy frees your inner child (AKA your soul — your authentic self) from the shackles of the material world. Even from the depths of depression, it is possible to experience joy. It requires letting go of your anger, ego, and the story of who you think you are. You may need to act in a way that may seem foolish. Never underestimate the transcendent power of dancing, singing, and extending yourself to help others.

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