Hope Amid Cancer & Divorce

Hope cancer

The following letter is a message that we received from a member of the Meaningful Life Center Facebook community

I would like to share something as briefly as possible:

I was very ill for a long time, only to be diagnosed with ovarian cancer July of this year. I had several blood transfusions (severe anemia) and then surgery to remove a massive tumor/other organs. In the midst of that, my husband of 16 years told me he never loved me and wanted a divorce. Truly — I did not know how to come out of that. The cancer was scary enough — then my marriage ending? And to find he had been unfaithful? Too much. BUT!!! (Hang on — it’s a happy story!)

Your site helped me to keep my focus on gratitude and the goodness of our Creator and my purpose in this life. You helped me to pull myself together — for the sake of my merciful Lord, my sweet little boy and so that I can fulfill my purpose in this earth without bitterness and self pity crippling my journey. I’m here to gather Sparks and help brighten this world! Hallelujah!

I want to thank you, with all my heart, for the Hope you have sown into my life. I’m not even Jewish. I’m Christian. Although — in soooooo many ways, I wish I was Jewish; I feel like I must have Jewish ancestors or something. I have always connected so deeply with Jewish teachings — as though I knew the teachings intimately at one time and only needed a reminder to jog a sluggish memory. Silly, right? My son calls me “His Jewish mum”. I hope that isn’t offensive. I don’t mean it that way.

I’m rambling. I’m sorry. To the point!

I just felt the need to express my gratitude for the uplifting posts that have literally been a life saver to me. I’m forever grateful to you. Because of you and G-d’s help, I have true hope and sincere joy! G-d bless you tremendously!


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7 years ago

Beautiful Story…and very similar to mine, it’s uplifting to read there are other persons living similar experiences and me to feeling so blessed and grateful since I met my J community & friends, and through that a whole new but very Soulful energy came in my life, finally feeling comfortable with a true religion without effort. The Meaningfullife stories, Global Classes & Inspirations giving such lovely insights & Light. Today Rabah for all Blessings to the whole Team and Rabbi Simon Jacobson…. There are no words to express the gratefulness I feel… from France, K

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