How to Be a Good Person


To be a good person, all you have to do is follow these nine daily steps!

  1. Wake up every day at 4 AM.
  2. Bathe in an antique tub with soap made from the milk of grass-fed goats.
  3. Dress in clothing that you knit yourself. Don’t make an exception for even your underpants.
  4. Meditate sitting in full lotus position for two hours. Do not move from full lotus!
  5. Eat a breakfast of oats that you grew and winnowed yourself. No coffee!
  6. Scrub your floors with baking soda and castile soap.
  7. Ride your vintage bicycle to work while planting flowers along the road.
  8. Sell products to the capitalist machine while you dream of living off the land in Hawaii.
  9. Spend an hour after work manifesting your dinner.

Just kidding! We had you there for a moment, didn’t we? Being a good person is quite simple, and requires no abstinence from gluten. The true key to being a good person is knowing that you, and everybody else, has a purpose in life.

What would your life be like if you went around fully aware that you matter, and that everybody else matters? Would you be able to be mean, be disrespectful, or be petty? What if you carried around the knowledge that whatever you do either supports your mission in life or detracts from it? What if you saw other people, and yourself, as souls rather than as bodies? Your behavior would probably be different.

If you want to be a good person, don’t do anything to others that you wouldn’t want done to yourself, and function from a place of security that you matter and that everybody else matters. Simply being alive is affirmation of that. Birth is a higher reality saying, “You matter.” If you truly knew that you mattered, it would be hard to waste time, to do petty crimes, to talk trash about people, to say nasty things to others, and to eat non-organic meat.

Gotcha again! Just kidding about the meat. When it comes to being a good person, it doesn’t matter if you eat meat or don’t eat meat. It especially doesn’t matter if the meat is organic. I’m sure you’ve met people who drink kale smoothies and act like egotistical monsters, and I’m sure you’ve met people who eat hot dogs and treat everybody (and themselves) like they are truly valuable — and the other way around.

Exercise: Identify the ways in which you matter. If you have trouble identifying them, list the steps you need to take to find them. Record your answer in MyMLC.


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