How to Handle Loneliness


While loneliness manifests differently for each one of us, it is a universal experience. We all go through periods of loneliness. Even “successful,” “popular” and “active” people have bouts of loneliness. Why? Existential loneliness is part of being human. It is the general sense of feeling isolated and disconnected in a large universe. It’s the feeling that asks: “does anyone care about me?” Even the most extroverted among us go home alone at the end of the day. And just because loneliness is a universal experience doesn’t make it any less daunting. Feeling all alone is one of the most difficult experiences a person can have.

We are “social animals” and need others. There is no such thing as being so self-actualized that you only need food and air to sustain you. Alone, people can become fearful. Perhaps the worst part of pain and suffering is the feeling that we are alone in our suffering. As long as we feel that we are together with others, we can overcome anything. Yet, when we are in the midst of loneliness, it is hard to see both the universality of the experience and a way out. It is a conundrum — sometimes you need others to find the strength inside yourself. When loneliness has already got you down, here is how to muster up the strength to transcend it.

Help Other People

One way to repair an issue is to help someone else who has that issue. When you are lonely, find other lonely people and help them. You can’t necessarily tell that someone is lonely, but when you reach out to help him or her, he or she might open up to you. Whether you are offering support and advice, or you are lending a helping hand, just reach out to other people. Talk to your neighbors. Say hello to someone for no reason. We repair the world through baseless kindness.

Find Activities That Give You Satisfaction

When feeling lonely find activities that give you some measure of satisfaction. These activities serve like anchors of support. When you find joy in one thing, such as your children, a project you are doing, a hobby, a volunteer effort, your work, that joy will effect the other parts of your life. Like muscles strengthened in one part of your body, they strengthen the rest of the body, helping you muster up positive energy to cope with the difficulties in your life. The best defense is a good offense. Fill your life up with positive activities. Don’t allow a void or vacuum to develop in your life. The positive energy that those activities will produce will spill over into other areas of your life. Build something in your life that you feel proud of every day. That will help you develop confidence.

Never Give Up

Do not give up. Do not bury yourself in your own misery and wallow in your own loneliness. If people ignore or reject you, keep trying. If your usual contacts feed your misery, seek out new friends. Find individuals who are gems. They are all around us; sometimes we only have to crack the hard rock that surrounds them. Connecting with upbeat people strengthens us.

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Gail Martin
5 years ago

I put my rescue dog down because he bit 3 people . in a year. I left him where I thought he be safe and he bit a vet tech in the face. Fear took over me there not hearing to any suggestions . all I heard he had behavorial issues and he is a liability. I panic out of fear and signed paper to put him down.. I so guilty he trusted me . I only had him 2 years a rescue. I lost hope in my self and my judgements.

and I went wild on the staff an dr. I wish I could change it but I cannot. I embarrassed and . I let this dog down .


5 years ago

You most certainly did not leave your dog down. You did not have a choice. It is my hope that you will see this clearly soon.

5 years ago

Social fear after loosing a career do to health problems equal loneliness.

Jess Dennis
5 years ago
Reply to  Irene

This is my problem, I have been out of work for two years now because of a medical problem. I have family around me but I’m so sad and lonely. As everyday passes I feel more and more unhappy .

5 years ago
Reply to  Jess Dennis

I am sorry you lost your career due to health problems. Are these permanent health problems? Is there any type of work you could do? At least you have a supportive family around you, so that is extremely helpful.
I had very challenging health problems for 10 years that ended up costing me a lot of money and also my career. Eventually my health improved. Unfortunately I did not have the support of my family and I am experiencing extreme economic difficulty. It is a very lonely experience to be out of work. I completely understand that. Almost no one likes to have no occupation. It is a very isolating experience. Just be grateful you have a loving family so you at least do not have to worry about homelessness or something of that nature. I sincerely hope your health improves.

5 years ago

Hi Gail,
Its hard to put any animal down but they are ok where they are, and you will see them again. You did the best thing for the hard situation you were put in. Do not blame yourself and get another rescue animal and train them to be less agressive. Hope this helps you.!

5 years ago

A dog that bites is a liability!! Dangerous!!

5 years ago

i have a question even when i find new people why do they keep leaving or reject me is me or what. all i want to do is hang around or go to the movies. i mean i never had this problem before my accident and now it just seams hard to find people to talk to or go out with.

5 years ago

This really helped me. I feel that I know a deeper meaning of myself. I now know that i don’t need anyone to feel less lonely, I just need to be me and do stuff that I like and want. Thank you so much, I really understand myself now. Thank you, Namastay.

Robert Lebowitz
1 year ago

Why does this post not mention Gd at all?
Is this religious site or just another selfhelp site?

1 year ago

Amen and Moshiach now! Very blessed to have you all and all you do. Thank you!

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