How to Listen to Your Inner Voice


Theme: Your Inner Mystic

Each of us hears many internal voices tugging us in different directions: The voices of parents, teachers, peers, employers, critics, fans, people who love us, and people who don’t. These voices — as well as other social forces stimulating our senses — often drown out your true inner voice. How can you sift through the noise to find your inner voice? Try the following three methods.

Find Your Inner Sanctum

Beyond all the complexity of life, beyond all our jaded experiences, beyond all the clutter and turbulence, we each have within our souls a very quiet, intimate place – a soft and gentle voice. This is who you are at your purest core. This is what you looked like when you were a newborn child. It is the part in you, like freshly fallen snow, that has not been polluted by life experiences.

Seek out and identify your inner sanctum — the  purest and most innocent place within your heart and soul; a place where you can dwell and find comfort; a beautiful core whose pleasantness you can behold, which you can regularly visit.

Live By Your Life’s Purpose

Every time you experience a moment of truth – an experience that resonates – you are hearing the inner music of existence. This awareness taps into the very fabric of the harmonic chords of life, allowing you to perceive the choreography within your life, rather than the outer narrative being lived out on the surface level.

How do you access the music within at all times? By getting in touch with your life’s purpose, and recognizing that every moment of your day, every activity, every interaction is a spiritual opportunity. You are charged with the mission to realize each of these opportunities by ensuring that all your material experiences and gains are simply a means to express higher spiritual truths and values, and bring more virtue into this world.

In every life experience you have two options to choose from: To serve your own needs, or to serve a higher cause. When you touch the surface of any experience it usually will result in serving self-interest. But when you tap into the inner meaning of the experience, its music will play, and it will result in some form of transcendence of self and serving a greater purpose.

Tap Into the Power of Silence

Our deepest and most powerful experiences happen in silence. Not to be confused with the silence of the weak or the fearful, the profound silence of the intimate is louder than sound, stronger than force. It is the essence of your being experienced not through the senses but in silence.

The still, subtle voice – that is where you should enter. Everything else can remain outside your door. Initially, left to your own faculties, your senses alone can distract you from your inner life. The sensory stimulation of everyday life – not to mention being inundated in every which way by marketers hawking their merchandise – is a constant reminder of the formidable forces consuming your life which you must contend with. You therefore need moments of silence and spaces of solitude to access your soul’s inner journey. Too many extracurricular noises will drown out your ability to hear the subtle hum within.

Exercise: Close your eyes. Lower the volume of your senses. Take your mind, heart and presence to another place – to who you truly are beneath it all – seek out the single most important thing of all: your essence.  Journal about it in your MyMLC journal.

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5 years ago

To me the meaningful life site is awesome and very educational in spiritual life and is the very best series of educational values of how humans life is.and how to combat the forces of evil to live a fruitful life in such a corrupt world we live in. I love it

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