Help! I Need A Spiritual Guru!


Are you lonely? Misguided? Looking for love in all the wrong places? Depressed? Unmoored? Well then it could be time to find a spiritual guru. But don’t rush into it. Finding a spiritual guru takes a lot of due diligence. This is what you should look for in a spiritual guru:

1. Humility

A spiritual guru should be humble. Not fake humble, but truly in awe of the Creator. In all matters, a higher cause should come before his ego. Signs of humility are kindness to others, respect for himself and others, the ability to admit mistakes, the ability to listen, and being present rather than self-involved.

2. Depth and Breadth of Knowledge

If you’re thinking, “I need a spiritual guru,” it’s probably because you need some help connecting to a higher power. You’re probably looking for truth, and for a solid spiritual foundation for your own journey of personal growth. A spiritual guru should have a rock-solid foundation in his or her spiritual tradition’s doctrine and scripture. He or she should know it inside and out. He or she should never cover up a lack of knowledge with aggression or braggadocio. You should feel confident that your spiritual guru knows the heart of his or her religious tradition, as well as the details.

3. Integrity

A true spiritual guru walks the walk. He or she leads by example. His or her behavior should always be in accordance with his or her beliefs. When you need a spiritual guru, you need someone who can guide you in applying spiritual lessons to your life. You should see your spiritual guru always learning and teaching more, as well as doing his or her own personal growth work. A real spiritual guru will not claim to be perfect; what he or she will prove to be is very deeply knowledgeable of his or her spiritual tradition as well as a person of humility and integrity. He or she will always behave with dignity, and will always respect the dignity of other people.

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