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Kabbalah Accommodates


By Anthony Mallgren
MyLife Essay Contest 2017

Man seems generally contrary man. Written records signal declining age; representative government incorporated contrarianism; etymology seemingly changed. Incentives seemingly encourage opposition; publication seems imposing; persons seem generally disagreeable.

Shabbat provides reactive amerlioration; such a reliant approach may waste. Kosher certification accomodates more reliable preparation; populous, currency and distribution seems contrare.

Leaving Eden found work; birth pain; interaction conflict. Abounding abstraction repeats confirmation. Ritual inundation obscures creationism. Prescriptive a posteriori knowledge seems limitation. Avoiding such seems onerous.

Kabbalah accommodates.

Mysticism objectifies physicality; esoteric activity facilitates discovery.

Panentheism describes deceptive occurance: Ein Sof begets Atzmus; Emanation ascertainment: theophany.

Deciphering inheritive punitiveness seemingly constricts one; divine introduction consoles.


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