Manifest Miracles With Your Attitude


Why are some people capable of manifesting what they want, and others are not? Is there a secret key to inviting miracles into your life? The key is seeing the extraordinary within the ordinary.

Are You Already Seeing Miracles?

We often say, “If I only saw a miracle, then I would believe, then I would change my life!” What are we waiting for – the splitting of the sea? Miracles are happening around us every moment. Life itself is a miracle; consider for just a moment the sheer wonder of human birth. In fact, we do often refer to birth as a miracle; why, then, do we so easily forget that every person on earth is a walking miracle?

The only difference between the natural and the miraculous is frequency. If the sun were to rise only once in our lifetimes we would come rushing out with cameras to witness this one-time wonder: a fiery celestial ball rising in the horizon. But since it happens every morning, we dismiss it as “natural” and seek out other novelties to stimulate our need for a quick rush.

In truth, every breath we take, every move we make, every fiber of existence is really a miracle. An ongoing miracle; which we lose sight of due to its becoming “routine.”

The only reason we don’t see the miracles before and within us is because we are distracted by our daily struggle to survive, and our responsibilities and obligations. They overwhelm us and in the process blind us from seeing the miracles around us. The very noise of life drowns out the underlying sound of what should be most real to us. It is not that we don’t believe in miracles; we simply stop taking (or fee we don’t have) the time to appreciate them. To see a miracle means to appreciate the uncommon within the common, the extraordinary within the ordinary.

When you can recognize the unusual within the usual, all of life comes alive. Everything you do becomes exciting. You become less dependent and desperate for an outside miracle to “save” you because miracles abound in every aspect of your life. Your faith and life are part of a mature relationship you have with a reality that is higher than yourself, and you realize that the ultimate miracle is our very existence.


Just contemplate the awesome design and balance within any one family of the animal, vegetable, or mineral kingdom, to say nothing of the beauty of the human body or the elegance of the solar system. The miracle of nature is not to be found in its once-in-a-lifetime events, but in its relentless regularity. Whereas every creation of man is ephemeral, every part of nature is boundless, permanent, and inexplicable – in a word, miraculous.

Be Honest With Yourself

Yes, we can explain away many events, even “miraculous” ones.  But then again, a good mind can explain away anything. Just as you have a choice in everything you do, you can use your mind to either seek out the miracles in life or deny them.  Only you will know the degree of sincerity with which you are trying to understand your life and instill it with meaning.

By looking honestly at your life, you will recognize the miracles within nature and the miracle of nature itself.  You will recognize the divine providence in all your activities. You will learn to appreciate the miracles of your own life – the successes you’ve had and the very miracle of life. Thank G-d for these miracles; don’t take them for granted.

And finally, you will realize that the world around you is experiencing miracles within miracles, a revolution from within. It is time to acknowledge that the world is hurtling toward redemption – and that it is your choice and your choice alone whether to be a part of it.

To See the Divine

Watch a beautiful sunset. Listen to a stirring symphony. Smell a delicate fragrance. Taste a delectable wine. Touch the soft cheek of a child. Those are our five senses at work – taking in and experiencing the aesthetics of our universe. But what else enters through our sensory doors? How stimulated – overstimulated – are you by the multitude of sights, sounds, smells, tastes and touches inundating our daily interactions? And what impact does it have on us? Are you a product, perhaps even victims, of the forces seducing our senses? Take television: Does anyone know the far-reaching effects that visual stimulation has on our psyches? How much is it desensitizing us to “see,” “hear” and experience the more sublime aspects of our lives – the invisible and ethereal?

So when you observe the world around us, the people, events and experiences of our lives, what should you be looking for? When you are seeking a loving relationship – or standing before a person you love – how do you assure that you are looking at the important things that matter, and not at superficial externals? And how do you attain such perspective when you are swamped with the endless flow of information assaulting our senses, numbing and distorting our priorities?

What Does It Mean to “See” a Miracle?

When you look at any particular object what do you see? First you see the physical features of the object – its shape, color, size and position. You may also notice its functions and the benefits they serve. With more focus, you can discern subtle elements and other aspects that may not have been ostensibly noticeable. Upon further study you develop a “deeper look” at the object and learn its unique composition of elements and molecules, and its biological and chemical makeup. Further down and in you discover its atomic structure, which in turn is comprised of sub-atomic particles. How far down the “rabbit hole” can you go?

Exercise: Identify one “natural” event in your life and make an effort to see the extraordinary miracle within it. Each day continue to look deeper into your “natural” life and discover new dimensions. Journal about it in your MyMLC journal.

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