What Does Cancel Culture Say About Our Society?

There is a new concept out there called “Cancel Culture”, in which the media and society determine who will be canceled and effectively kicked out of their jobs, positions and status.  One wrong word, clothing choice, acquaintance.. and you are deleted – bullied, ostracized and dismissed from society. And anyone who tries to defend you? Canceled as well…

Is this a healthy way to deal with conflict and disagreements? What happened to teaching our children that people make mistakes and we must learn from them, grow from them? And who gave anyone the right to bully, mock and shame a fellow being, even if they did something wrong or had differing beliefs and values?

Cancel culture is dismissing our people, our history, and our freedom of speech. What kind of society is this creating? Will I be canceled for voicing all this?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson for a fascinating discussion on cancel culture and its affects on our society. Learn how we should be dealing and handling these issues in a healthy and productive way.

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