2023: Tremors and Upheavals

As the curtain comes down on the year of 2023, we can headline it as the year of disruption. So many of our expected “norms” have been upended..

In fact, the disruptions really began earlier in this millennium in so many different ways; in technology, in commerce, in politics, in geopolitical shifts etc. And of course, Covid. As we look back at the last two decades and connect the dots we can discern a developing pattern of accelerating disruptions.

And indeed in this past year we are witness to the ongoing battles in Ukraine, hostilities with China and Iran, and now, in the last quarter of the year, the horrific atrocities of October 7th and the ensuing war in Israel and Gaza.

The question is, where are we headed? What does this all mean? How are we to interpret these upheavals? Can we make sense of them? Can they be a precursor to a brighter future?

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson and probe into the deeper forces at work behind this chaos. Discover how these disruptions and upheavals are actually tremors of a new world being born. The shivers preceding the eruption of a paradigm shift.

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