50th Anniversary of the Six-Day War: Its Impact Today

This week is the 50th anniversary of the Arab-Israeli Six-Day-War (1967-2017). A half-century ago Israel delivered a blistering defeat to Egypt, Syria and Jordan. The war freed and reunited Jerusalem, the Old City, the Temple Mount and the Western Wall, as well as tripled Israel’s landmass overnight.

That miraculous victory forever changed Israel – and the world. At the time the tremendous triumph generated a wave of national and international euphoria. It’s hard to describe how it positively impacted Jewish pride and awareness in the entire world, as well as elicited a deep respect for Israel among the nations of the world. The Six-Day-War miracle resulted in an unprecedented Jewish awakening.

But what happened next? What happened in the 50 years since? Why were we unable to convert the great victory a half-century ago into a lasting peace? What went wrong, and what can we do about it today?

With Israel and the Middle East still in turmoil, with no signs of terrorism abating around the world, as tragically demonstrated in this week’s brutal murders of innocent children in Manchester – what have we learned over the past 50 years? What lessons can the miraculous events of 1967 teach us today?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson for a sweeping and piercing look at the history of the last 50 years — both in the Middle East and the world: What was the deeper significance of the Six-Day-War? Was it a conquest of land alone, or was there more meaning to the victory? Is there a link between the rise of islamic terrorism and the events that happened a half-century ago in the Middle East and in the years that followed? What exactly did we win, and are we still winning?

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