A Deep Dark Dread: How a 3758 Year-Old Vision is Shaping the World Today

Why is Israel constantly under attack? What is it about the Holy Land that has it seemingly trapped in an unending cycle of turmoil and violence? After thousands of years of persecution, why can’t Israel and the Jews just be left alone and given some respite? Is there any hope for a better future?

One need not need be a visionary or a mystic to see that the Promised and Holy Land, far beyond its physical proportions, is a lightening rod attracting powerful forces through all of history until this day. That the challenges facing Israel are deeply rooted in the belly of our universe and in the arteries of millennia.The question is — why? What type of power does this tiny land contain? What impact does it have on current events — and on our own personal lives? And is there anything we can do, based on understanding the nature of this enigmatic land, to improve the situation, and build a sustainable healthy and secure future?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this timely Lech Lecha workshop and discover that indeed, one dark night close to 4000 years ago Abraham was shown a vision which drove dread and terror in his heart seeing what the future would hold, but also brought him deep joy in seeing the final outcome. Retrace the footsteps of Abraham as he walked the breadth of the land, and take comfort that we have the keys of destiny in our hands to find permanent peace in the Holy Land and the entire world.

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