A Trembling World Waiting to be Reborn – Rosh Hashana Workshop

Who would have imagined one year ago what this year would bring? Last September things were going rather quietly (except for the usual wear and tear tensions). But then suddenly like the swell of an unexpected tsunami the world erupted in flames. From the Ukraine to Gaza and Israel to Syria and Iraq — with powers like Qatar and ISIS emerging to the forefront seemingly out of nowhere — deep cracks were exposed in the religious and political tectonic plates of our fragile earth. And no one is immune. Events in the Middle East are directly impacting — to the point of brutally murdering — citizens from across the wide Atlantic. September 11, which took place thirteen years ago, seemed to be slowly receding into the past, only to rudely resurface as we witness the reincarnation of Al Qaeda and its ideology more alive today than ever. Tremors are rippling across the world. One can sense a global shift in the making. But where are things headed? Will tensions escalate. What upheavals will Muslim militancy wreak? Will the trembling subside or intensify? Is there hope for a true and lasting peace? As we enter Rosh Hashana and begin a New Year what does this year have in store for us? And can we do anything to control our destiny?
Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this year-end pre-Rosh Hashana workshop, discussing the deep-seated roots of today’s conflicts, and how they are a precursor for a revolutionary paradigm shift. Discover how the destiny of the world’s nations are determined on Rosh Hashana and what each of us can do to impact the future of our lives and of the world. On this day (Rosh Hashana) the world trembles; but on this day the world is also reborn. Learn how to transform the trembling into rebirth, and indeed, how all of existence is waiting and anticipating our actions to bring stability to an uncertain world. We need not be victims to a world that seems increasingly out of control. Each one of us has the ability and power to change the course of history.

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