Are Our Universities Being Attacked by Hamas

With protests breaking out on our campuses across the country, everyone is asking what is going on? Why suddenly now? What’s happening? What’s behind all this?

Initially, the protests seemed to be a spontaneous reaction of innocent students simply outraged at innocent civilians being killed in Gaza.

But if that’s the case, why were there no protests after the horrendous atrocities of October 7?

It’s becoming increasingly clear that the intentions of the organizers of these protests was to deliberately create the impression of spontaneity – it’s a an excellent way of fabricating a dramatic narrative. But the more we dig into the story and the more time passes we realize that these uprisings are part of a very insidious and planned strategy – being formulated and funded for years, with the understanding that this is a PR war, a war over our perceptions. Vietnam wasn’t lost in Vietnam; it was lost in the minds of Americans.

And while we don’t want to compare the two, the impression these bad players are trying to create is that these students are waking us all up to a “moral” obligation, when in fact there’s far more criminal intent going on with clueless students being used to nefarious ends. It is critical more than ever that we delve deeper to understand the forces at work creating these disruptions in our institutions, bringing ferment and hate in a place that was always protected from war: our schools and universities. This isn’t just an inconsequential phase, there are high stakes involved.

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson in this important conversation as he address the question on all of our minds: Is Hamas at war with our students, our universities and America?

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