Are Physicality and Spirituality at War?

Do you ever feel that there is a battle being waged within your psyche? That you have conflicting drives tugging you in opposite directions? It may be a struggle between your reflective mind and impulsive heart, or between your responsibilities at home and at work, between your personal values and the outside pressures that may compromise your standards, or between being a taker or a giver, between serving yourself or serving others.

If you feel a battle raging inside you — manifesting in any of the above ways or in other ways — welcome to the “club.” Know that you are not alone. Every one of us has an inherent clash within our souls, two forces wrestling for control over our choices. The voice of survival and the voice of transcendence. The physical drive and the spiritual drive. Most of us either choose one or the other, or we compartmentalize. Can we make peace between these two drives? Can we experience inner harmony? Or are we doomed to a perpetual war?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson on a fascinating journey plumbing the depths of your innermost self, and learn how these two forces are actually twin “souls” competing for your attention. Discover that the ultimate way of fusing your conflicting voices and relieving the tension between matter and spirit is by spiritualizing the material, and harnessing its enormous power toward a higher purpose, which is beyond both body and soul.

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