Are You a Pioneer?

You Were Born an Original; Don’t Become a Copy

What would you feel like if you were told that you are nothing more than a clone and a copy of someone else? That you had nothing original to offer? That you were simply a conformist, following the lead and mimicking others? Doesn’t feel that good to hear that about yourself, huh? But is any of that true? Are we indeed really just parrots, perhaps with some tinge of our own flair, but essentially conforming to the standards and expectations of others? How much of us is original, and how much is shaped by our parents, schools, peers, media, social pressures? Would you be surprised to hear that you were born completely unique, and that most of that uniqueness goes undercover due to the forces and pressures projected upon us especially in our formative years? The good news is that we are not trapped by the elements that shaped us. Even better news is that we have an ancestor who over 3000 years ago trail blazed a path, empowering us all to do the same. Though many will initially choose the road most traveled on (in Robert Frost’s classic poem), the path that fits our comfort zones, we have the power to change that.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this powerful Lech-Lecha workshop and learn how to discover your own inner pioneer from the first trendsetter of them all: Abraham. Find out how to reconnect to the original you, and to take YOUR road, the one less traveled on. Because after all: you were born an original, not a copy…

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