Are you Battle-Weary? Transcending Life’s Struggles

Life is a battle. Sounds like a cliche. But just because it’s a cliche doesn’t means that it isn’t true. The longest running best selling book in our modern age (excluding the Bible, but that’s another story) was The Road Less Traveled. Some attribute its success to its opening line: “Life is difficult.” Though many people did not read the rest of the book, that first sentence resonated. Battle seems to be the prevailing state of all our life experiences — battles between spouses, between parents and children, between communities, religions, nations, ideologies and perhaps the greatest battle of them all — the inner battles haunting our own psyches.

So now that we know that life is like a battlefield, we are left with the big question: How do we deal with the difficulties of life? Is there anything we can do to prevent us from becoming casualties of life’s wars? How do we avoid becoming jaded and scarred by our battles, not to mention just worn out and drained? Our many challenges often leaves us wondering: when will the battles end?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this Ki Teitzei/Elul workshop and discover that the secret to winning your battles lies not in your fighting skills and strategies, but in your attitude and mindset even before you engage in battle. Learn new ways to approach life’s challenges and find out that long before Sun Tzu wrote that “every battle is won before it’s ever fought,” this week’s Torah portion teaches us the ultimate key to victory: Knowing that you are a winner even before you begin.

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