Are You Dignified? Omer Workshop Session Six

Pre-Shavuot and Omer Workshop Session Six

How is your dignity these days? Are you feeling proud, confident, respected, honorable? And what about your self esteem? Many if not most people complain often about their being not treated (at work or at home) with the respect and esteem they deserve, even of being mistreated and abused. How much of this is objectively true, and how much of it is in our control? Do some of us perhaps project a lack of self-confidence, which may elicit disdain? No one has a right to disrespect another, but is it possible that if we felt majestic within we would not be as vulnerable to the contempt of others?

Following the previous six weeks of love, discipline, empathy, determination, humility and foundation, we now arrive at the final step — the week of dignity (malchut) — the last of the seven-week powerful, 3325-year old Omer system of personal refinement and character development preceding Shavuot. Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this pre-Shavuot workshop as he addresses the deepest and most vital of all our emotions — nobility and majesty. Discover methods to diagnose your dignity and self-esteem, identify your strengths and weaknesses in this domain, and incorporate techniques to build your malchut, and blossom into the person you were always meant to be. Learn how to free your wings and unleash your spirit — and soar…

This is the sixth and last of a series of classes dedicated to exploring our emotional faculties to help us enhance our lives and relationships.

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