Are You Emotionally Intelligent

We human beings pride ourselves on our intelligence; how we are far superior to all other species with our minds, our innovations, scientific breakthroughs and technologies. With our intellect we have learned to tame the elements and conquer the universe.

Yet, what exactly is intelligence? And what defines intelligence? Is a powerful mind the only contributing factor? Is dominance over other forces the litmus test for success? One can be book smart but have no common sense. A person may have a high IQ and be emotionally immature.

Intelligence is not just brain power and it’s not simply data processing. True intelligence is also the wisdom of life — the wisdom of interactions, the understanding of relationships. It goes far beyond the brain and its limited parameters and capabilities. It’s more than a science; it’s an art.

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson for a fascinating discussion on the true nature of human intelligence and discover dimensions within yourself that you may not have been aware of or fully accessed until now. Learn how to actualize your full potential and achieve ultimate intelligence, combining the brain and the heart, intellect and emotions – to create a complete and integrated person, a wholesome, healthy and highly intelligent and sensitive human being.

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