Are You Emotionally Intelligent?

Bicentennial of a Revolution: 24 Tevet

Are you a child in an adult’s body? Intellectual growth is part of most people’s repertoire. And not just in our formative years of education, but even as we grow into adults we find it quite natural and relatively easy to learn new ideas, gather more information, discover fresh insights. But emotional growth is an entirely different matter. Notwithstanding the natural maturity we all undergo as we turn from child to adult, does our emotional makeup and our natural reactions actually grow and mature? Or are most of us still emotionally immature and insecure, driven by irrational fears — except that now as chronological adults we mastered the art of masking our immaturity in sophisticated layers of armor and smokescreens? Do we hide our underdeveloped feelings behind complex mind machinations, aka mind games? Are we emotionally dissonant? This emotional immaturity of course becomes most visible when we’re in vulnerable situations — in relationships or in times of crisis. How do we deal with that?

We are now honoring the conclusion of 200 years from the passing a giant of a man — we shall call him the true father of modern psychology — who developed a comprehensive system how to grow and develop emotionally, and become truly emotionally intelligent creatures. This visionary presented a fascinating methodology of plumbing the depths of our psyches and fusing mind and heart into a seamless whole in realizing our life mission on earth. What is sad is the fact that despite its revolutionary and literally transformative power, this system is mostly unknown. Time has come to reveal these teachings to the world — teachings that address every important aspect of our lives and our relationships.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this groundbreaking workshop and discover the secrets to resolving our emotional dissonance, finding inner peace and gaining true emotional intelligence. Learn the key principles of Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi’s sweeping and breathtaking philosophy and psychology of life, and how it can turn you into the healthy, fully actualized, emotional and intellectual adult you deserve to be.

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