Are You Trapped?

Do you feel trapped — unable to break out of your rut and routines? Is your life being controlled by inner drives and forces beyond your power? Do you feel like a victim of circumstances — entangled by a labyrinth — ensnared by your job, relationships, marriage or lack thereof? Even if we are not haunted by inner fears and insecurities, are our lives trapped in a jar with a glass ceiling? Case in point: those that tried to break through to the other side and could not live to tell about it, people in our times like Morrison, Rothko, Hendrix and Joplin. Is there a way to reach heaven while keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground? Are we doomed to the daily struggle for survival with no relief in sight? To a life of unbearable resignation and quiet desperation?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this fascinating Vayeitzei workshop about how an ancient dream of a mysterious ladder carrying strange creatures on a lonely mountain contains the secret of breaking through our pedestrian lives to dream, and above all — to fulfilling our greatest dreams. Discover how a simple ladder can take us on a journey into eternity.

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