Betrayal and Commitment

Many of us are all too familiar with the stinging pain of betrayal. The pit in the stomach, the shock, the anger — all the rushing emotions when we discover that someone who (we thought) loved us has betrayed our trust. Obviously there are blatant and aggressive forms of betrayal and infidelity. But betrayal can take on more subtle forms as well: A broken promise, a shattered dream, a breached confidence. Sometimes betrayal can be simply a lack of loyalty to the cause. We can even betray ourselves — our own idealism, commitments and responsibilities. What lays at the heart of betrayal? Or better yet: What does it take to be a trustful person and to gain trust and loyalty from others? Why are some people more committed than others? How can we heal from betrayal?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this intriguing Korach-Gimmel Tammuz Workshop dissecting the chemistry — and the roots and origins — of betrayal and its antithesis: loyalty. Discover the contrast of two alter-egos: How Korach, for all his “good” reasons, personified the mutineer, and how Moses — and the Moses/Rebbe of each generation — embodies betrayal’s diametric opposite: Utter devotion, faithfulness and commitment. Learn how you too can become an unwavering source of trust, one who is trusted and inspires trust — and how living a dedicated life can transform your entire being.

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