Blood, Frogs, Lice… The Kabbalah of the 10 Plagues

In this week’s Torah Portion, Va’eira, Pharaoh and the Egyptians are smite with what will turn out to be 10 plagues brought against them. To the average reader of the Bible, these 10 plagues seem so randomly chosen.. Blood? Frogs? Lice? Dead Animals? Etc. etc. Why did God choose punishments in these forms and what do they mean to our lives today?

The Ten Plagues are actually a fascinating blueprint of the ten psychological effects of crimes against humanity. The Egyptians were the first to enslave an entire nation based purely on their race. This was no small sin. It had profound consequences that continue to ripple through history until today. The Torah’s detailed description of Moses’ confrontation with Pharaoh, the ten plagues and all the other elements of the story offer us an intimate look into the anatomy of evil, human suffering, its consequences, and above all – our ability to heal and redeemed from the deepest abyss.

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