Can Darkness Be Brighter Than Light?

We all take for granted that light is brighter than darkness, just as sound is louder than silence and ten feet is taller than five. We assume many things based on conventional wisdom, which in turn is based on common definitions people have agreed upon. But who says that our axioms or our definitions are correct? Who determines what brightness and darkness actually are? Ostensible logic suggests that sound is louder than silence due to its decibel rate. Our natural ears can hear sounds, but cannot hear silence. But what if you use different instruments? What if you go by your feelings and intuition? Your empathy may hear someone’s silent scream of pain much louder than the vociferous ranting of a charlatan. Another example: Not too long ago we considered physical size as a measure of strength. A larger army was stronger than a smaller one. More weapons indicated more power. Today, with smart weapons and nuclear capability, grand physical proportions are utterly overshadowed by microscopic forces. Quality trumps quantity. DNA and cells are far more powerful than muscles. The invisible is infinitely more significant than the visible.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this global Gimmel Tammuz workshop and discover a new way of looking at power. Revisit the givens of our lives, and learn how to look at things with a new set of eyes. Find out how silence is indeed louder than sound, and yes, how darkness can actually be brighter than light. With this new perspective you will see everything, even your difficulties and pain, as powerful reservoirs of inverted energy, waiting to be released.

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