Can I Extend the Magic of Passover All Year Round? Post-Passover Workshop

Inspiration is one thing; maintaining it is quite another. It’s relatively easy to get inspired. But how does one remain inspired? Many things can stimulate us, but is there a formula to perpetuate enthusiasm and excitement in our lives? Coming from the liberating holiday of Passover — in which we all hopefully experienced transcendence (if not, read on) — the challenge now is how to sustain that higher state of consciousness as we return to the quotidian of our daily routines. And what if you didn’t exactly have an emancipating holiday? Well, then the challenge is twofold: to ignite transcendence and to maintain it. So either way, we still need a maintenance plan — which is always more “expensive” than the initial visit. As always, dissecting the problem is half its solution. To learn how to be continuously live an inspiring life we need to first understand the forces that cause us to lose our enthusiasm. Young children are always alive and enchanted by everything. When and why do we lose that vitality? Why do we become lethargic? Is it a “hardware” or “software” problem?

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson in this rousing post-Passover workshop and learn how to peer “under the hood” into your inner workings and recognize the pulsating spirit that always remains dynamic even as material life wears down the outer “pipes.” Identify the factors that cause sluggishness and resignation while discovering ways how to access new dimensions of energy that continue to exhilarate long after the holiday is over.

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