Can We Achieve Triumph From Tragedy?

How Sivan 20 Changed History

Losses and tragedies are an unfortunate part of life (may we all be protected). Yet, we see how misfortune and adversity affects people in very different ways: Some are devastated and can not come back to themselves. Others grow through the process and become stronger than ever. “Stronger in the broken places,” Hemingway wrote. Not to pull rank but the Torah preceded him by describing Jewish suffering in Egypt that “the more they were oppressed the more they proliferated and spread.” What is the secret that allows us not to be destroyed by tragedy, not to be demoralized and resigned, but to grow and thrive (not just survive)?

This day, the 20th of Sivan (June 18th this year), contains the answer. On this day both in the 12th and 17th centuries terrible atrocities were perpetrated against the Jews (some even have the custom to fast on this day). And yet, in the most mysterious way these sad events planted the seeds of a renaissance that would forever change the Jewish people and the world at large. Our modern world with all its scientific and spiritual advancements was born from the throes of the abyss.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this Korach-20 Sivan workshop, and learn how some of the most horrific events in Jewish history gave birth to an invincibility that we carry till this very day. Using this as a model, discover how setbacks and difficulties in our own lives can spawn unprecedented power.

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