Can You Change Your Destiny?

A Tale of Two Hands

Is my life predestined? This is one of the biggest questions we all ask. And indeed, one of the most important issues we will ever tackle, because its answer has far reaching implications for us. There are so many aspects of our lives that have been defined for us long before we were even in a position to make decisions: Where you were born, to what family, your genetic makeup and personality, parental influences, your education, peer and social pressures, the wealth or poverty of your family, the privileges, assets, liabilities, gains, traumas and opportunities of your life trajectory. In effect, we each are dealt a certain deck of cards before we can even understand or choose which ones we want. No wonder that so many of us feel trapped in a choreography not of our own making. When you add to boot events that some call “bad luck,” we then are really thrown for a loop, feeling that our lives are out of control, or at least not in our own control. Is any of this true? Is your life indeed predestined, or can you control your own destiny? And if yes, how?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this important workshop and discover how a tale of two hands — Jacob deliberately crossing his hands when he blessed Joseph’s two children — contains the secret to our own destinies and our ability to change the course of our lives. Learn the method of writing the script of your own life, and transcending even the parts of your life that are not in your control.

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