Can You Heal After Betrayal? A 60 Day Journey

An introduction to our #1 Best-selling book 60 Days: A Spiritual Guide to the High Holidays with the author Rabbi Simon Jacobson.

Betrayal is a schism, the severing of a connection and one of the most devastating feelings one will experience in life; betrayed in a relationship, with a friend, by G-d, or even by ourselves – betrayed by our own aspirations and dreams. Is it possible to heal from this, repair and rebuild after being broken?

This question carries the destiny of your life. So many psychologists, books, therapists, thought leaders and schools of thoughts have tackled this very question. How does one move on from the devastation, pain and inner turmoil? How does one begin to move forward?

Join Rabbi Jacobson on a fascinating journey through the most powerful two months of Elul and Tishrei; a journey from betrayal toward hope and love. Explore the materialistic and spiritualistic perspective and approach to dealing with betrayal and learn how to navigate the tides to not only heal, but actually improve and catapult to greater heights.

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