You Can’t Run Out of Love

How much love can one give? Can one run out of love? Can one equally love ten children as much as one child? Love is not a mathematical equation. Nor is it like a pie, which can be cut into that many pieces, running out at some point. A pie is a physical entity. Love is an ethereal one. Love is like the sun: the same sun is reflected in one drop of water just like it is reflected in the vast Pacific Ocean. If you have several drops of water, will one have less of the sun than another? In our commodity-based material world, it’s good to remember that there are things in life, like love, that are not products, defined by size and quantity. Love is not measurable. You can’t run out of it. You do need to temper love with boundaries and discipline, but you will never exhaust it — because it is limitless. 

This is an excerpt from: AI and the Future of the Human Race: Will Machines Enhance or Replace Us?

Live with Rabbi Simon Jacobson
Is Love Real? (Or Just a Chemical Reaction?)
Wednesday, August 23, 2023 @8:30pm
Live Stream | Podcast

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