Celebrating Vulnerability: The Source of Indestructible Strength

What feelings are evoked when you hear the word “vulnerability”? For many vulnerability is associated with being weak, powerless, fragile, defenseless, exposed. Does vulnerability make you feel threatened? That would seem to indicate that being vulnerable is hardly an optimal state. Indeed, in a hostile and dangerous world, driven by the survival of the fittest, it would make sense that vulnerability is a liability..

But is that true? Is there anything positive about vulnerability? Would you be surprised to learn that vulnerability is actually — and counter intuitively — the secret to indestructibility?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in a discussion that will upend your entire view on security, resilience and lasting strength. Discover an alternative way of looking at life; how your essential nature, and the very nature of existence, is a place that should not frighten us, a place where vulnerability should not be feared. Quite the contrary: It should be embraced and celebrated. And by doing so, learn how vulnerability becomes the source of invincibility.

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