A New Way to Conquer Fear

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How much impact does fear have on your life? How powerful a force is fear? What role does it play in your decisions or lack thereof? The “good” news may be that a google search for the word “fear” yields 504 million results, a paltry five percent of the close to 10 billion results yielded by a search for the word “love”. However that may not indicate that love is more powerful than fear, but rather that people are seeking love more than they are seeking ways to fight fear. It may even indicate that we resist and avoid fear or that fear is an invisible force, which we have difficulty identifying. However you twist it, fear is one of the most formidable forces in our lives, not the least due to its imperceptibility. With that challenge in mind, how then can we fight or eliminate fear when the enemy is undetectable? It’s like trying to fight darkness with a sword; wage war against an ethereal force with physical weapons.

To battle an enemy one must first understand the enemy. What type of adversary is fear? What is the nature of negative energy? How do you fight a negative? Can it be be vanquished? Can it be preempted?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson is this global Bo Workshop as he dissects the anatomy of darkness and fear. Discover the two dimensions of darkness and fear, and how they need to be dispelled with distinctly different methods. Learn a new way to look at — and to conquer — fear, opening up passages that may have been blocked for many years, allowing you to soar to new, unimaginable heights.

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8 years ago

Thank you for simplifying life, reminding us of the obvious that we tend to overlook, and drawing attention to the great value of synergy.
Your words and the sound of your voice always brings comfort.
Thank you

Fay Trapido Morris
8 years ago

Hello Rabbi Jacobson
I really enjoyed your shi’ur about fear
It reminded me of something that happened to me once when I was teaching English to adults some of them quite elderly. As I joke I said ,,,,,,I will hit you …….. One of the oldest ladies in the class immediately put her hands under the table and it was clear that she had been hit on her hands by her teachers in school.
One thing, afterwards, I was careful never to say “I’ll hit” when I was teaching.

howard paras
7 years ago

THAHKS ! for tha advice. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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