Dear Inner Child: Where Are You?

Whereas an adult is shaped by man and society, the child is shaped by G-d.    

Once upon a time.. you were born a pure and innocent child, with enchanted dreams and limitless expectations. A vulnerable child – unpolluted and uncorrupted. And then life offered you challenges, disappointments and unrealized expectations. Dreams and idealism waned, leaving in its wake silent resignation, cynicism and existential loneliness.

Where did that little child go? How can we access her? That child – the holiest part of your heart and soul – represents your greatest potential and your chance to soar through the sublime.

Cherish your inner child. Protect her. Nurture her tenderness. Listen to her. Above all, be kind to her. After all, she is you – the best of you.

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Linda Susan
3 years ago

Thank you.💞

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