Did the Feminist Movement Kill Feminism?

We can all agree that a patriarchal society — the primary model that has prevailed throughout history — has unjustly been used and abused to control women, subjugating them to inequalities and multiple unfortunate situations. This also explains the birth of the modern feminist movement which seeks to realign the balance, reform the wrongs, and strives to provide women with equality in the workplace, in politics and in the home.

The question looms: Has the feminist movement resolved the issue? Or, as some ask, has it further enslaved women, causing them to compete with their male counterparts and forcing them to play by their existing rules.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson as he presents a non cosmetic, non superficial solution to the “battle of the sexes”. Identify the causes, not just the symptoms of this battle, and discover how the ultimate antidote to reclaiming our masculine and feminine identities will result in true women’s liberation. Learn about these important essential truths and how to navigate the model that takes us back to the very roots of this challenge. Freeing the powerful feminine energy properly can, and will transform our entire society.

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