What Are Divine Sparks and What Is Their Relevance to Our Lives?

Imagine that your life journey was like a treasure hunt, in which you are charged with finding hidden gems located anywhere around the world.

As it is, we (or at least most of us) lead lives driven by survival, not by deeper purpose. Our needs dictate our activities and engagements. We lead fragmented and scattered lives, that are defined by our survival, not by any hidden compass or search. Our survival defines our purpose, rather than the other way around.

But in this unique talk by Rabbi Jacobson you will learn the hidden choreography of your life as seen through the mystical lens of the Kabbalists and Chassidic masters through the lens of the mystics, as seen through the mystical concept of divine sparks.

But in this unique talk by Rabbi Jacobson, you will learn to look at your life through the lens of the mystics and see the hidden choreography of your life. Discover (the mystical concept of divine sparks) how every detail of your life and its trajectory (of your life’s trajectory) is indeed a (treasure hunt –) a journey in search of finding the treasures (treasured divine sparks) allocated to you. And how you and your life get enriched by finding (seeking our, uncovering) these gems (you and your life get enriched). As you acclimate yourself to seek out these sparks embedded in the details of your life, every aspect of your life gets transformed and comes alive as part of your glorious and majestic journey in fulfilling your life’s mission (calling).

Imagine having a map to guide you along your life’s journey.

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