Do I Matter

As one individual among 7.8 billion people (and counting), how much do I truly matter? Like a grain of sand on a beach, do I have significance? Would the world be any different if I didn’t exist? This is one of, if not the most important question we must all ask ourselves. Because if you don’t really matter, then all your choices and decisions also don’t matter.

Discover that by virtue of your very birth you are absolutely indispensable and irreplaceable. And everything you do matters now and forever. Don’t miss this program offering a message that can change the way you see yourself.

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alissaann adkins
1 year ago

I am listening to you talk about birthdays and if I matter. I heard you talk about the letter too. When I was much younger I always wondered if I matter truelly, coming from a broken home and sexually abused by a cousin my pre teen & teen years! Then my dad learned about this and then my mom who really nipped in bud! But it made loving men difficult and me even harder ! Then went off to college and drifted into a vocation in which I was meant for, registered nurse and scrub nurse and charge nurse then I had a career ending knee injury and had to return home after not being able to do a job I would have done for free as I loved it so much but then found myself waking up in mental ward & then really had to come home and that very cousin who had been in service and out if my hometown came home and came by to ask me if I thought what happened in past made me gay and my response was we will never know will we? And when in nursing school i made a promise to myself that when my parents git up in age i wanted to be the one to care for them because i saw so many elderly people die with no family even around. And when i was nursing i thought i did matter but only after i was humbled by injury found myself in mentsl hospital i lost myself but then my parents came back together not married but we three lived under same roof and i helped my dad with his businesses and my mom was his bookkeeper. and Things smoothed out and i was able to tske carr if both my parents as they both now have passed 2012 and 2015 and i did with no complaint or help from my brother ir sister both older and each with their iwn families but i never stopped thrm from visiting or whatever but each never came around much but never really spoke to parents about it but when both parents died and having wills my parents had worried gow i would managed being disabled and both left me their estates for this reason and my parents never mentioned why other than my siblings had their families to support them but now with both parents gone the same siblings have made it their will to see i have nothing and neither speak to me so i am wondering again if i matter once again as over 60 now and probate court and legal strife has gotten me down . Now you arr closing so i leave by stating my birthday is august 30, 1962 thank you for allowing me to share! alissaann adkins

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