Do You Feel Trapped?

Feeling trapped is one of the most terrifying experiences in life. We all know too well the awful sensation of being physically locked in a room or other space with no way out. After exhausting ourselves in attempting to escape we begin to yell and scream for help. At some point we may begin to panic, our hearts racing as the shadow of hopelessness descends upon us and suffocates our psyches. Being psychologically trapped or locked can be even more severe — only it doesn’t take on the visible shape and form of a physical prison. Emotional paralysis — due to fear, doubts, insecurity, lack of confidence — takes a terrible toll on our lives. Like quicksand, the crippling effects of despair, become a vicious cycle that continue to suck us into their vortex. Often our hearts and souls go into deep freeze. How does one break free of these entangling tentacles?

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson in this intriguing Zachor/Adar workshop and discover the root of all fear and emotional powerlessness. Learn how to access new reservoirs of strength and fortitude to counter the forces of doubt and despondence that freezes our souls, and actually come out stronger in the process. Who we are, but something we become. But how do we know that? What makes you so sure that joy is a verb and not a noun? Perhaps that certainty is a direct symptom and outgrowth of our own subjective despondency — making us feel that we are not happy people, and not deserving of joy? Many people say that if my life were better I would be happy. Maybe the opposite is the truth: If you were happy your life would be better.

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9 months ago

I feel stuck in existence itself in eternity, in my own conciousness, its agonizing and no one understands it.

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