Do You Have a Foundation? Omer Workshop Session Five

Most of us know how to appreciate and even how to construct a beautiful edifice. But what about a solid foundation? This is particularly challenging when it comes to our emotional and psychological structures: We can easily recognize — or put on — a nice smile, an attractive face, a warm embrace. We can also identify symptoms and effects of human behavior. But are we able to perceive the underlying foundation — the core, the root, the cause of any particular experience? Someone may seem completely put together; dresses impeccably, looks picture perfect, may even project supreme confidence. But in truth, even as their veneer appears flawless, their foundation can be eroded or missing. Beneath the surface may lay a cowering, insecure soul, who really has no solid underpinnings. This lack of foundation often expresses itself in lack of committment, unpredictability, sudden mood changes, inability to bond and connect, trouble with intimacy — all symptoms of a compromised foundation.

Moving along from love and discipline to empathy, determination and humility, we now enter the sixth week — the week of foundation (yesod) — of the seven-week powerful, 3325-year old Omer system of personal refinement and character development. Please join Rabbi Jacobson as he helps us dig and uncover the state of our foundations. Discover methods to diagnose your ability to bond and connect, identify your strengths and weaknesses in this domain, and incorporate techniques to build unwavering foundations in your life and relationships. This is the fifth of a series of classes dedicated to exploring our emotional faculties to help us enhance our lives and relationships.

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