Does Government Have a Spiritual Responsibility?

What is the role of government? Ostensibly, this question may seem irrelevant to our personal lives. On further thought, however, it’s quite clear that the welfare of a government directly impacts the welfare of every one of its citizens. Yet, with so much distrust in our governments today, with the polarization of our political parties, and accusations of corruption being hurled in all directions, no wonder many of us have become quite skeptical if not cynical about the function of government. Nevertheless, it would be wise, especially when government is in question, to revisit the premise on the role and responsibility of government. Is it merely to legislate laws and serve as a referee to maintain the peace and coexistence of its peoples? Or does government have a deeper and more spiritual responsibility?

Just as government impacts people, people impact government. A government and its citizens are interconnected and interdependent — they need and reflect on one another. It is therefore imperative to understand how to build the best possible government — one that will serve the highest aspirations of its constituents, and help them build the best possible future.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this thought provoking talk as he retraces the historical roots of government and dissects its very purpose and function. Discover fascinating insights into human nature and its drive to build societies and bodies to govern their lives. Learn how we are not victims and products of our governments; quite the contrary: we have the ability to shape government. Come away with a new confidence and appreciation of the power we have to create a better world. And that yes, even something as technical or mundane as government, has a transcendent role to play.

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