Does Life Ever End?

All mortal life seems to be governed by the universal law: Everything dies. But is that true? Science today has established that nothing truly disappears. Matter turns into energy. Water becomes gas. Even when organic bodies deteriorate and perish they are simply changing form. Life does not actually end. It metamorphoses from one state to another.

But long before modern science, the Torah offers us an astonishing and sophisticated perspective on the eternal nature of life. We cannot understand mortality and immortality without first analyzing the very fiber of life. What is life? What is death? What is a soul, where does it come from and where does it go to after death? What lies behind the curtain of life as we know it?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this Chukat workshop as he dissects the enigmatic biblical narrative about the genesis of life and death. Uncover and explore the scriptural, Talmudic and mystical roots describing the fascinating complexion of life; compare different definitions of life and death – from the biological to the spiritual — and draw parallels to the latest discoveries in physics and medicine, arriving at a most enthralling conclusion: Life never ends.

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