Does Prayer Work?

Depending on the tradition that you grew up with, prayer might seem like any of these negative adjectives: Trite, superficial, stiff, too organized, impersonal, boring, waste of time… And I’m sure maybe of us can add our own words to the list.

It’s time to ask yourself, what IS prayer? And do my prayers work? Is someone listening? Does God even care?

Prayer is not about what God wants from us. It is not a useless obligation to run through and get over with so you can get on with your day guilt free. Rather, prayer is about you want from your connection to God. It’s pouring your heart out to your Higher Power — however you understand it — and asking Him/Her/It to fulfill your needs. Communicating your desires and requests to a higher source in your own way, be it through words, tears, pre-written prayers.. whatever talks to you. It is very effective. It is free, and you can do it anytime and anywhere.

Join Rabbi Jacobson and discover the true essence and purpose of prayer. Once we uncover what prayer truly is, we can begin to understand how our prayers indeed do work, and someone out there actually does care.

Download a FREE handbook on How to Pray.

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