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Ep. 239: Are We Doing All We Can to Empower Women Today?


Addressing the Personal and Emotional Needs of Our Community and Answering the Most Pressing Questions of Our Lives — from the Perspective of Chassidic Thought

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  • Chassidus Applied to Zos Chanukah, Hei Teves and Parshas Vayigash
  • Are we doing all we can to empower women today?
  • How does someone know what he’s capable of?
  • If one’s “containers” are not aligned with their spiritual “light” (due to a chemical imbalance, as an example), can the container be trained to regulate and adjust itself to its spiritual capacity?
  • Is there a difference how one would treat depression in a Jew and in a non-Jew?
  • What can I do about same gender attraction?
  • Follow-up (episode 235): Homosexuality
  • Chassidus question: What can we learn from Yosef’s mistake by relying on the butler to mention him to Pharaoh, instead of just trusting Hashem? Aren’t we supposed to make a vessel for G-d’s blessings?
  • My Life 2018 essays: Peripheral or Primary:
    • Two Paradigms for Life, Yossi Grossbaum, 38, Folsom, CA
    • Attaining Inner Happiness, Sara Chyrek, 16, Brooklyn, NY
    • Unknown Identity Syndrome, Mendel Brackman, 20, Westminster, CO

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Yudy cohen

Dear R. Jacobson, I appreciate you taking the time to answer my letter but with all due respect, you are glossing over the issue. When the Rebbe came out and said that women need to learn Gemara, it is an understatement that he got flack and not just outside Lubavitch but the women in Lubavitch balked and the Rebbe had to lower his standards in this regard.This is my machtenist’s account because she lived through it.Giving women certification to pasken accomplishes many things. First of all it is not so much about appeasing the women as much as it is… Read more »

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