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Ep. 250: What Should Our Attitude Be to the Recent MicDrop Issue?


Addressing the Personal and Emotional Needs of Our Community and Answering the Most Pressing Questions of Our Lives — from the Perspective of Chassidic Thought

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  • Chassidus Applied to Vayakhel, Shabbos Mevarchim Adar II and Shekalim
  • Can we speak after saying the bedtime hamapil prayer?
  • Shidduchim: What should I do when nothing seems to work?
  • What should our attitude be to the recent MicDrop issue?
  • How do I know if I am making the right choice?
  • Is one allowed to curse another person?
  • Follow-up:
    • Walking past a church (episode 249)
    • Natural Approach to Dealing with Depression (episode 243)
    • Is it my yetzer hara or my dysfunctional childhood? (episode 155)
  • Chassidus question: What does the Tanya mean by saying that a soul is literally a “piece of G-d”? And how do you explain that the soul and G-d are “two half images”?
  • My Life 2018 essays:
    • True Peace is Realistic! Yehuda Levinger, 19, Jerusalem, Israel
    • Will and Desire, Rachel Schusterman, Atlanta, GA
    • To Remain Happy in Conflict, Menachem Mendel Wolf, 30, Netanya, Israel

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Miri Lipskier

Dear Rabbi Jacobson, The my life chassidus applied classes are excellent. I look forward to hearing them each week and its always enlightening and practical. This week class response on the micdrop issue I found to be disconcerting. The writers of the question were not the Rabbonim writing to you for your feedback or advice. They were people of the community obviously grappling with this as a community issue- the struggle of whether the psak of a Rav is negotiable or not. With all due respect, your response was directed at the Rabbonim, detailing how a more successful proposition could… Read more »

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